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Zoey Proasheck's 2013 Video Funtage!

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A new year with new adventures lies ahead of us! But first, let's take a quick look at the games and events that led us to where we are today! Happy New Year! Thanks for all your support, you're awesome!

Games in order of appearance:
Moddowind -
Scribblenauts -
Hey Good Lookin's - From literally every video I said it in this year up until Hearthstone and Lord Jaraxxus' rising!
YouTube Channel Trailer -
Lord Jaraxxus Hearthstone -
2spooky4zoey Week -
Game of The Year All Years -
Scribblenauts Noir (Case Of The Missing Link) -
Scrriblenauts Star Wars (ootini) -
Gone Home (meow) -
Pokémon -
All I Want For Christmas Is Chou -
Riot Act (HL2 Mod [Ammo Guy ;_;]) -
Fez -
You Are Awesome Message (Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine) -
Minercfat -

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Convenient links:
Pokémon -
Spelunky -
All games featured in this montage should be available in playlists on my channel! Check 'em!

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Music - Kevin MacLeod