Zoey Proasheck is the name and videos are the game... video games are the game. Videos about video games are the game. What videos on what video games? Video game videos like Pokémon. Pokémon is a video game and I make videos about it. Minecraft, Tomodachi Life and Scribblenauts are also video games that I video.

My girlfriend Fiona is not a video game but she plays multiplayer video games with me in videos.

Some videos I do aren't even video game videos, they're videos about mental health and LGBT issues, vlogs, magical music videos, or crayon-tastic speed-art sketches. None of those are video games but they are still videos.

Don't expect video game videos featuring catchphrase-ridden 500 episode let's plays of jump-scare slendermens with facecam, pointlessly offensive language and inappropriate screaming. Because that would be silly.

Video game videos are uploaded on days of the week.

The word video has now lost all meaning.

Okay thanks love you bye!