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The Science Team Discover Anime | Vindicta - A Fustercluck in ArmA 3

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This is easily my favourite video I've made. I love Unity Station through and through, but something about the way this video came together made me really happy. Plus, anime girls.

What unit/clan is this?
This is my unit, the Cadian XXth. Casual milsim, roleplay and all those weird ops that you never get to play in your normal milsim group. It can be found in the discord:

What is this mod?
This is the game mode "Vindicta" which can be found here:

Are you SovietWomble?
I wish. Video definitely has inspiration from the likes of Soviet and Max0r, but I try to strike a nice line for telling a story, humorous edits and actual gameplay. I try to put out a video every three days, hence why not every single video will be a Fustercluck or not as long or detailed as I'd like. Time constraints are a problem.


Half-Life 2 - Triage at Dawn (synthwave remix)

Epidemic Sound:
I'll Never Die by Daniel Gunnarsson
Kyoto Dawn - Red Dictionary
Endings - Ethan Sloan

Second Channel w/ Full Stream VODs:

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