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Bombing Dresden with the Lads | TvT ArmA 3 Bomber Crew - A Fustercluck in WW2

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I think Air Team Versus Team games are my new favourite thing. Battle of the Coral Sea incoming. Till then, enjoy the lads and I bombing everything in sight. If you're interested, you can find out more or join here:

What unit/clan is this?
Honestly, these guys were all just gathered up by me on the day from like, 6 different places. However, we've since formed the most official unofficial unit - the Cadian XXth. Casual milsim, roleplay and all those weird ops that you never get to play in your normal milsim group. Find out more in the discord.

What is this mod?
It was a combination of Iron Front ArmA, Faces of War and SAB Planes.

Are you SovietWomble?
I bloody wish. Video definitely has inspiration from the likes of Soviet and Max0r, but I try to strike a nice line for telling a story, humorous edits and actual gameplay. For something like this, I don't feel the need to edit in every word said. Plus, I edited this in a day, so time constraints were another issue.


Merch - check Discord for the discount code:

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