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ArmA 3 & SS13 - Why the Radio is the Best Part of a Multiplayer Game

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I suppose the real guns were the words we slinged along the way.

Cheers to Spiffing Brit, Max0r, Gnaw, Scarmu & Simpkin for voicing lines in this video essay. Go support them here:
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Video Footage:
PALP PATROL vs THE SHARK GUARD - Gmod TTT by the Yogscast:
The Fall of 76 by Internet Historian:
Vent Shenanigans! (Prop Hunt #419) by Gassy Mexican:
Random Arma 3 Antistasi Bullshittery - part 1/5 by Soviet Womble:
Arma 3 - The Unfortunates by Max0r:
SQUAD IN VR (except its onward but still pretty good) by Nano:

My own footage is from various games and my own videos including ArmA 3 milsim games, WWZ, SCP and Space Station 13. I'm not linking it. They're already mad enough.

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