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High Rollers: Lightfall's Descent #7 | Arkhan's Ambush

Thanks to Dungeons & Dragons for sponsoring this series! More information below!

Time to take the fight to Arkhan the Cruel...will we survive?

• Full Lightfall campaign here:
• Lightfall: Descent miniseries playlist:
• Aerois: our current main campaign:

We're playing the brand new module: Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus! More information here:

Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound

High Rollers is a 5e DnD campaign that streams every Sunday at 5pm UK on

DM: Mark "Sherlock" Hulmes -
Elora: Katie Morrison -
Cam: Chris Trott -
Jiutou: Kim Richards -
Auzrah: Rhiannon Gower -
Reynard: Tom Hazell -

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