Hello everyone, my name is Bea and welcome to my channel! Join me and my friends (and my Minecraft pets!) as we adventure through the beautiful unknowns that Minecraft has to offer!

💜 Is this channel PG?
As of 2017, this channel is completely Family-Friendly. Some of the older content may not be 100%, but none of my content has any offensive language!

💜 Are you a Yogscast member?
Yes! I joined the Yogscast Family in July 2017.

💜 Can I play with you?
I tweet when I'm playing on a public server! If you see me somewhere and I haven't tweeted, that's not me!

💜 Where can I find your merchandise?
We are currently in the process of setting up new merchandise, until then, all of my old merchandise has been discontinued.

💜 Can I send you a letter or fan art?
Yes! You can mail these to my P.O box below. Please do not send me gifts.

BasicallyBea - The Yogscast
4th Floor - King William House
13 Queen Square